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CCTV Cameras

Real-time reliability.

commercial cctv cameras In a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, all elements are directly connected. This includes those linked by radio waves, Internet connections or hardwires. Businesses, and increasingly residential properties, are looking to this sensible investment to complete a comprehensive approach to security and asset protection.

ASG offers CCTV for all sizes and budgets, from a single-site camera to multi-site, multiple camera systems with remote access, LAN/WAN or Internet. Options within CCTV can include:

  • hidden cameras
  • spy cameras
  • mini cameras
  • pan tilt zoom cameras
  • bullet cameras
  • professional cameras
  • recorders
  • monitors
  • quads
  • multiplexers
  • video transmitters and receivers

We also offer digital video recorders (DVRs), pre-alarm post-event recording, real time or time lapse recording.

CCTV applications & advantages.

There are a number of reasons businesses and residences might employ an ASG CCTV security system. The most common use of CCTV however is in retail shops, banks, casinos, malls, condos, government establishments and home security. The true scope for applications is almost unlimited. Here are some examples:

  • Monitoring babies at home
  • Recording caretakers at nursing homes
  • Observing the surroundings of a block or building
  • Quality control in factories or laboratories
  • Checking parts storage in an auto repair shop
  • Hidden cameras to control vandalism on buses
  • Aerial photography from a small airplane or helicopter
  • Mini cameras for production control in a factory
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