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Mobile Security Management

More mobility, more security.

Mobile Security Management  ASG uses the latest DMP mobile management tools to provide our commercial customers with convenient control over all their business security features. Now you can do business on the clock and lock your doors and manage lights and appliances when it’s convenient for you—right from your mobile phone. Here are some of ASG’s mobile features for busy businesses:


Monitor and manage your security system by sending simple SMS text commands remotely from any mobile phone.

  • Send commands to your panel via text messages
  • Receive system alerts via text messages or emails
  • Create “Favorite” settings to control security devices with a single button

The Virtual Keypad™ App

Provides control of your system using an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.

  • Selectively arm and disarm areas
  • Turn outputs on and off
  • Quick actions with Control, Favorites, Favorite Actions and Rooms
  • Cloud-based API allows for remote arming/disarming and more

The ePad™

Puts your security system keypad on any browser or mobile device.

  • User-friendly, touch-screen mobile keypad
  • No additional learning curve to use—works just like existing keypads
  • Programmable links
  • No monthly costs

Saving your business time and money, ASG makes it easy and efficient to control your lights, appliances and doors—from any mobile device or tablet. Our two-way supervised DMP wireless technology is engineered for easy installation and simple operation. If you can text, you will instantly be able to arm, disarm and check your system status—anywhere, anytime.

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